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Welcoming Remarks

Kayla - Secretary General

Kayla Adisa is currently serving as Secretary-General of Jogja International Model United Nations 2019, a highly renowned MUN conference in Indonesia. As Kayla enjoys exploring and acquiring new knowledges, her MUN experiences and awards comprise of vast array of subjects, namely children rights in UNICEF JOINMUN 2017, agriculture in FAO Padjadjaran MUN 2018, and politics-security in UNSC UIIMUN 2018 as delegate, as well as human rights in UNHRC International Leaders MUN Bangkok 2019, and security in UNSC International MUN Hanoi 2019 as chair, among others.

Kayla has keen interests in human rights and politics, particularly in peace study, which is why she finds MUN resonates her spirit of pursuing world peace.

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Shania Azzahra - Secretary

Shania Azzahra is a second-year student in law. From her myriad experience and responsibilities in her career, Shania has accumulated proficient skills and abilities for organizational purposes. Among the others, Shania had been entrusted by her peers to hold the position Vice President for the student council of her high school. She believes that constant personal growth is necessary and thus encourage all to participate JOINMUN 2019, an exquisite opportunity to enhance oneself, especially research and leadership skills, in an engaging and dynamic design.

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Farah Shyabilla - Secretary

Farah Shyabilla is a second-year student majoring in International Relations, minoring in International Political Economy and Development. Get to acknowledge new perspectives on international political economics and/or social humanitarian issues tend to be the impetus for her to join or participate in small discourses. Since she has interest on diplomatic talks within conferences, Farah hopes that JOINMUN 2019 will able to accommodate delegates' concerns on topics available and to present informative, substantive, and appealing experience for both participants and staffs involved.

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Adzhani Khairana - Treasurer

Adzhani Khairana Putriperdana is a second year International Relations student concentrating on International Political Economy in Universitas Gadjah Mada. A lot of experience in arranging budget and managing money led her to become the Treasurer of JOINMUN 2019. Her participation at JOINMUN 2017 as a staff made her excited to become one again, as she knows that joining JOINMUN always give valuable experience. She is confident that JOINMUN 2019 will leave such a remarkable impression for all the delegates.

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Lazarus Andja - Under Secretary General

Andja Karunia is an International Relations Student that is currently focusing his academic pursuit on Peace and Conflict Studies. Having tried MUN during his early days in his first semester, he became quite keen on it and continued to strive on several more MUNs. Snatching several awards in ITBMUN 2018, and delegating internationally in EuroMUN 2018, and HNMUN 2019. His passion for MUN goes further when he was appointed as the Chairman of UGM’s MUN Community and also part of the Committee in JOINMUN 2018. He has chaired in several MUNs such as in ITBMUN 2019, BandungMUN 2019, and MaksMUN 2019. He is also lucky enough to be given the opportunity to equip himself to be the Under-Secretary-General of this year’s JOINMUN to bring his accumulated experience to the conference.

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Karina Devira - Treasurer

2019 is Karina Devira’s second year working for Jogja International MUN. The event has become something’s so close to her heart! Last year, she was the front-liner of JOINMUN, handling publicity and managing good relationships with partners. This year, she took a shift and started working as the Board Treasurer. Her duties revolves around JOINMUN’s financial managements. Other than working for this event, Karina Devira is currently pursuing her bachelor degree in International Relations UGM.

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Fawaz Muhammad - Director of Transportation

Fawaz Muhammad Khaer is a second year student majoring International Relations in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in Universitas Gadjah Mada. Fawaz has a lot of experience in managing the flow of transportation in some event before. Fawaz's interest and experience, which has long been struggling in the world of transportation, made him the Head of Transportation of JOINMUN 2019. He believes that joining MUN events like JOINMUN will give you lots of unexpected new experiences and skills, add lots of relationships with new people, and many other things that are very profitable. Hopes that JOINMUN this year will be a very meaningful and satisfying event for the participants.

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Gracia Monica - Director of Accommodation

Gracia Monica is a second year student in Law Faculty of Gadjah Mada University. she's active in the field of mooting, which makes her more concerned and interested to the newest global issues. Therefore ,she joins the JOINMUN committee in hopes to raise awareness of others in dealing with issues in the world and to take part in the society.

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Farhan Fauzy - Director of Documentation

Farhan Fauzy is a second-year student majoring in Legal Science on Faculty of Law Universitas Gadjah Mada. His interest in photography has made it his main hobby among other creative-works hobbies. JOINMUN 2018 was his first and recent MUN conference. Besides MUN, Fauzy is also occupied in other organizations. He was also the achiever of 2nd highest score in National Round of International Negotiation Competition 2017 on his first year as a student in UGM. He wish JOINMUN 2019 will be the greatest and the most substantive MUN yet.

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Deandra Aurelia - Director of Visual Design Unit

Deandra Aurelia is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology, Universitas Gadjah Mada. With her lifelong aspiration to work in the creative field and extensive experiences in design, she is now positioning as the Director of Visual Design Unit for this year’s Jogjakarta international Model United Nations (JOINMUN). She hopes that with the current designing skills, abilities, as well as experiences that she has already acquired from numerous events and jobs, she can create a pleasant visual experience for this year’s JOINMUN. She believes that this year’s JOINMUN will not only become a platform to elevate delegates’ diplomacy skills and abilities, but also creating a comfortable atmosphere to be enamoured in Yogyakarta’s abundance of cultures.

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Isyaraqi Ramadhan - Director of Logistics

Andi Isyraqi Ramadhan is a second year student majoring in International Relations. the focus of the study he took is about global politics, and he is also very interested in government studies, sociology, and philosophy. He believes that events like Model United Nations can hone basic skills such as writing, public speaking, critical thinking, and negotiation, which are very useful in dealing with world realities. He hopes that JOINMUN 2019 will provide all the benefits to all participants.

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Naufalia Hasna - Director of Finance

Naufalia Hasna is a second year economics student, majoring on Management, Gadjah Mada University. Her past experience in JOINMUN 2018 led her to become the Director of Finance on this year JOINMUN. Last year’s lessoned, enriched her knowledge about Model United Nations and she was thrilled that she got another chance to joining this year JOINMUN. She hopes that everyone can feel the excitement as much as she does about the topic this year.

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Putri Budiyati - Director of Public Affairs

Putri Budiyati is a 2nd year student at Universitas Gadjah Mada majoring in International Relations. Within the 2nd year, she is now focusing towards the concentration of International Political Economy. She first started organizing MUN Events since High School for HSMUN under the LO & Media Division. With her past experiences in not only organizing events, but also participating in business competitions, she wishes to give the most remarkable time for delegates in JOINMUN 2019.

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Fany Khairani - Director of Delegate Relations

Fany Khairani is a second year undergraduate student majoring in International Relations with Peace and Conflict Studies as her main focus of concentration. It is her second time to be a part of the most prestigious Jogjakarta International Model United Nations, last year she was also a staff of Delegate Relations who was in charge for the UNFCCC Council, and this year she is completely humbled to have the opportunity to welcome and meet all distinguished delegates from every part of Indonesia as well as another countries once again. She hopes that Jogjakarta International Model United Nations will provide a series of invaluable experiences for the entire participants—not only does it become an incredible platform for intellectual exchange, but also a meeting point where long term bonds are built and every participant is able to learn from one other. See you soon in Jogjakarta!

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Michelle Theresia - Director of Programme

Michelle Theresia Arista deQuelyu Is a second year student in International Relations student at the Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Her interests in global politics and peace studies have led her to join several Model United Nations. Serving as the Head of Programme in this year's JOINMUN, she hoped that the delegates would engage in a substantial debate yet not forgetting the fun side of MUN. This year's programme would accommodate the thirst of a one-of-a-kind event for the delegates to enjoy.

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I am honoured to be trusted and appointed to organise the eighth chapter of Jogja International Model United Nations on the 24th - 27th of October 2019. This year we will have more innovations in our event to create a remarkable experience for our delegates. With the adopted theme of “The Endeavour to Traverse Dynamic Regimes : Ending Tyranny, Ushering Liberty”, which will be reflected in each council’s respective topics where delegates will be able to discuss current international affairs. As the international order is being disturbed by nations' pursuit to power and the violence that comes with it regardless of who is in power. This violence is depriving people of their rights and we are losing lives in the thousands. Delegates will debate about the power hungry states and how to liberate those who are oppressed through international cooperation amongst states.

This year, JOINMUN will continue to deliver our utmost hospitable service to our delegates in order for them to feel welcome in Jogja, and to also try to emphasise the thick culture that Jogja possesses. Most importantly, We hope that the delegates will enjoy taking part in substantive debates and solve international issues, hopefully we will bring about potential future leaders for this country.


Istiqomatussalma Inayah Wardana

President of JOINMUN 2019



It is my distinct pleasure to present to you the 8th conference of Jogja International Model United Nations, to be held on October 2019. Over the years, JOINMUN has been the biggest MUN conference in Indonesia, consistently attracting students from across the nation and abroad. It is a place where the best and brightest of students gather and engage critically with current issues and attempt to construct practical measures to address those issues. JOINMUN is also the place where students test their limits, spar and compete with their peers, and continuously raise the bar for their drafting, public speaking, debating, and negotiating skills.

This year, JOINMUN is set with the theme of ‘the endeavor to traverse dynamic regimes: ending tyranny, ushering liberty’. The global order today is facing a turbulent process of transformation marked by the rising challenges to western liberal order by other emerging powers. Waves of populism have also been sweeping almost every part of the world, putting into question the commitment to liberty and freedom. In the name of stability and development, oppressive measures and violence toward dissenting voices are justified. The victims are often minorities and marginalized groups. The retreat of liberty, the rise of identity politics, and the pressure to global liberal order signify the precarity of our time today. It is therefore very timely to hear the voices of the youths gathering in JOINMUN on this important theme.

In order to support our students to hone their skills, contribute critically to global problems, and help make JOINMUN to be as impactful as it claims to be, your support is needed. I urge to take the time reviewing this proposal and hopefully you will appreciate the value proposition that JOINMUN can offer to you and to our nation. Thank you.

Yunizar Adiputera

Supervisor of UGM MUN Team

Universitas Gadjah Mada